This post was to be put up on August 10th but I just didn’t get it together did I?!?!!!!

Well it’s been two days since I got back from vacation. Where did I vacation you ask? In lovely, hot Aruba! Yes, you read that right, the beautiful carribean island. They actually call it the “Happy Island” and rightfully so cause the people there are very nice and they seem generally happy. I would be too if I lived in a place that looked that beautiful and had gorgeous weather every single day!
I stayed in lovely Aruba for six days and had a wonderful time. I snorkelled for the first time and did some rock climbing too. My brother is an experienced climber and said that I didn’t do too badly for my first time. My arms were killin’ me afterwards.
Anyways, I had a great time with Chris and my bro’s and mum and pop. It was so good quality family time. Now some of you folks out there might not be that excited about hangin with your family but my fam are pretty cool and we get along just fine and it was nice to do some hangin.
I highly recommend Aruba if anyone’s looking to go somewhere warm. The island is amazing and the ocean is one of the most incredible experiences. Go go go go go!
I’m recharged and ready to take on regular life (with a little less stress on me).

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