Quebecite in Pennsylvania

This Wednesday I will be trekking over to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to perform D.D. Jackson’s jazz opera, Quebecite at Moravian College. It has been about four or five years since I performed this music and this time I will have some friends performing in the band. Thomas Morgan (bass) and Shane Endsley (trumpet) will be performing with us which will be really fun. Also, there will be two new vocalists (Martin Sola and Meetu Chilana) joining myself and Dean Bowman so it should be fun and different.
It will be a bit of a long day since we will be driving at 11:30am, dress rehearsal at 2:30pm and the performance is at 7:30pm and then we drive back to NYC at 9:30pm (ugh!)
I’m glad that it will be nice driving weather because nothing sucks more when you’re on the road than crappy weather. Looking forward to it.

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