Last week was my eighth wedding anniversary. As I write that down I can’t believe that I have been married for so long. I honestly have to say that it has been pretty awesome and I married the most amazing man (except when he leaves the cupboard doors open and I smash my head on them as I walk into the kitchen!)
Last week we had a wonderful dinner at one of my favourite seafood restaurants called Pearl Oyster Bar and I ordered the steamed lobster which was delicious.

Before we went Pearl we went to a movie at the AMC 25 theater in Time Square. This theater is absolutely massive and, as the title of the theater suggests, yes, there are 25 movies playing there (geesh!) We saw the new Pixar animated film “Up” in 3D and it was wonderful. I know this movie has been showing since June but I wanted to recommend it to anyone who wants to see a great little movie and to try and catch in the theaters while you still can.

This comedy-adventure is about 78 year old retired balloon salesman Carl Fredricksen, who fulfills his lifelong dream to travel to South America in an unusual way. His plans are perfect until he discovers an accidental stow away, an 8 year old Wilderness Explorer named Russell. The movie is quite touching and the opening scene is a heart-breaker especially if you are a married couple celebrating an anniversary. Overall it is cute and funny and it makes you feel good. I especially liked the fact the Russell is Asian. It’s nice to see ethnic diversity in movies whether they are animated or not. There just isn’t enough of it in the industry. Go see the movie and you’ll have a good time.

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