Finding My Way Back

Since last August, I have been studying with the incredible piano teacher, Sofia Rosoff. She is a remarkable woman. At 91 years old, she is sharp, wise, generous and awe inspiring. I haven’t been playing the piano seriously for more than 15 years, during which time I was working on my vocal skills. Now I feel ready to really start studying the piano and improving my skills as a pianist and musician from a hopefully better place than when I was a teenager and university student.
I like to call myself a recovering classical pianist. The constant psychological and emotional beatings I would give myself for never being good enough for the art form made me miserable. I loved to sing and enjoyed the lack of pressure I felt because I was an untrained vocalist and that I thought it wasn’t my first instrument. Now here I am, an improvising vocalist, working and living in NYC as a musician and I felt the call of the piano coming back to me. I use the piano for writing and practicing but I felt a yearning to really play the piano again.

Working with Sofia has given me new inspiration and longing to play the piano the way I’ve always wanted.

After two years of raising my beautiful little boy, I feel that now I can come back to performing with my own groups with more direction and excitement. And I hope that I will gain some new listeners along the way.

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