Jacob Sacks’ No Man’s Land Release

It’s finally here. My dearest friend and colleague, Jacob Sacks has finally released his quintet cd, “No Man’s Land“. Now when I say finally, it has taken more than eleven years to release this recording. Even at the young age of 24, you can hear musical and artistic maturity beyond his years. The members of his band are incredible artists in their own right like Dan Weiss and each member contributes their own artistic sensibility to create an energetic, beautiful and engaging recording. This is also a great example of DIY. From the compositions, conceptions and production, to the cd cover design, Jacob has created
without compromise.
In a world where too many things of great artistic value are taken or given away freely (whether legal or not), with little to no compensation to the artist, I urge you to support this work and purchase it through Jacob’s website. You won’t regret it and I personally thank you for supporting great music and the arts.

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