Choi – Sacks Duo Recording #3

Two weeks ago, my friend, Jacob Sacks and I completed our third recording at Acoustic Sound. With the help of our friend, Geoff Kraly and sound engineer Michael Brorby, we recorded a variety of interpretations of nine jazz standards. It was very exciting to be in the studio and it has been more than five years since Jacob and I recorded together so it was about time.

I find it humourous that every recording session I have had with Jacob is fraught with some form of ailment on my part. The previous recording we did, we had to pay for unused studio time because I came down with a bacterial throat infection on the way to Toronto where we recorded. The last two recordings I have had massive migraines which last about three days each. This time I didn’t get a migraine (hallelujah) but instead had mild food poisoning and was doubled over for most of Monday’s recording. Tuesday I was still recovering from the poisoning and had a splitting sinus headache. Even with those obstacles, I had a great time and I am looking forward to listening to all the takes and selecting the ones for the new record.

More on the up coming release later!

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