July’s Artist Feature: Adriane Giebel

July’s artist feature is filmmaker Adriane Giebel: a multi-talented artist who is good at so many things it hardly seems fair. Adriane is one of the smartest women I know and is a film maker, producer, video editor, photographer, writer, and a bad-ass cook and marathon runner to boot (like I said, hardly seems fair).

One of my favorite things to do with Adriane is cook and eat. Adriane is a great appreciator of good eats and we love a good pork bun from Momofuku when we get the chance. I even made the Momofuku pork buns from scratch a few times and once Adriane, my husband and I devoured as many as possible in one sitting.

Adriane has an impressive list of accomplishments. A BA in Visual and Environmental Studies (i.e., Art), with focus on Filmmaking from Harvard; a MA in Cinema Studies from NYU; a producer on Michael Moore’s ” CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY, as well as on John Walter’s THEATER OF WAR, which starred Meryl Streep and Tony Kushner, and SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED, a documentary for Sundance Channel and Court TV, which featured Reverend Billy, Katha Pollitt, Cass Sunstein, and a cast of thousands of protestors.

Lately Adriane has been directing projects for the Prospect Park Alliance,
Planned Parenthood, the National Retail Federation, and the Tyra Banks TZONE at the Lower Eastside Girls Club. Her clients in the fashion world include Tory Burch, Max Mara, Banana Republic, o2nd, Esprit, Maybelline, Victoria’s Secret, Nine West, J Crew, Anne Klein, and Pamela Love.

A short film that Adriane has edited for director Marie Hartness, AFTER ELLA, just screened at Cannes this year, and is still showing on the festival circuit and is currently editing a new short for Marie, which will be released this fall.

Also, Adriane is editing a feature length documentary on Providence, Rhode
Island for directors Tobias Perse and Randy Krallman, which is projected to be at festivals in 2015.

Adding to all the projects and accomplishments this wonder woman has achieved, she also ran the Boston Marathon this past April!

Adriane is someone I greatly admire and a lovely person. Definitely check out Theater of War and Capitalism and see the wonderful work she has been a part of.

I look forward to our next Scrabble match, Adriane!

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