October’s Artist Feature: Elena Camerin

I missed out on my September submission (too many things happening at once!) and now I am trying to get October’s feature in before it gets too late. This month’s feature is the talented vocalist, Elena Camerin.

Elena Camerin is a vocalist and musician who not only excels in singing but is a gifted teacher with children, especially children with special needs. I had the great fortune of meeting Elena in 2008 (when she finally started living in NYC full time). Elena and I had a mutual friend, the late Bob Bowen and after a show, Elena asked if she could study with me. Well, the moment she started her first lesson, I said, “What are you doing asking for a lesson? You are already amazing!” That was the beginning of a wonderful friendship that has lasted to this day. Elena is from Venice, Italy and she is a fabulous cook. I love cooking with Elena and I always ask her to make a traditional Italian dish. Once, Elena made bruschetta which was heavenly! The food I like to give to Elena is my homemade kimchi (love the culture food swap).

Elena’s main musical project is with guitarist, ukulele player Khabu Doug Young (Khabu also happens to be her husband). Also, Elena, Khabu and I play together every first Sunday of the month at a lovely cafe in Brooklyn called Lark Cafe. We sing jazz standards for little kids and their families, which is a total blast.

Elena is also a teacher for Musical Explorers, a preschool music program I direct in Ditmas Park. Elena really found her calling when she started working with little children but she also realized that she really wanted to work with children with special needs, specifically children with autism. She currently works for a learning center called, Atlas Foundation in Manhattan and volunteers with one special girl on Randall’s Island.

You can hear Elena perform with Khabu this Saturday, October 18th at the Beverley House Concert in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn and on November 2, at Lark Cafe.

Elena is a warm, creative and fun loving human being. I am so blessed to know someone as lovely as she. I hope that you get a chance to see Elena perform—it’s a truly wonderful experience.

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