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You can check out some of my music here:

Track 1: Coming Home is a piece I wrote for my first recording “Soulmates” 2001
Track 2: Not Much Of A Dog is from my third recording
“Imagination:The Music From Joe Raposo” 2008
Track 3: Facsar is an excerpt from a composition by Luciano Berio.
I am improvising while violist Miranda Sielaff plays the composition 2009
Track 4: Happiness Hotel from “Imagination:The Music From Joe Raposo”2008
Track 5: Blackberry Winter – a live concert recording with pianist, Jacob Sacks from Bennington College 2014
Track 6: Sorry is a piece I wrote for this live recording with
Dan Weiss, Jacob Garchik, Dave Ambrosia and Jacob Sacks, “4inObjects” 2006
Track 7: Bein’ Green from “Imagination:The Music From Joe Raposo” 2008

All of these recordings have no overdubs or edits.

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