Korean Food In Park Slope

A few weeks ago, on 7th Ave, I noticed a little sign in a window that looked like a Korean food joint.  It was!  Today I decided to try it out.

Hanki “Everyday Korean” in Park Slope at first looked like an order and go joint.  The opening is small and cramped but very clean.  When I entered, the server said to order up front and that they would serve you the food once ready.  I saw that there was a patio out back and asked to have my food out there.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the back of the restaurant had nice seating inside and a beautiful patio outside.  The patio was quiet except for some A/C’s running but it was shady and serene.

Let me just say that Korean food is awesome (a little subjective here).  It is also incredibly labor intensive.  I admire all those Korean moms (who are we kidding, it was the moms) who busted their chops cooking in the kitchen for everyone to enjoy.  I truly did not appreciate it the way I do now.

The menu was basic and not a huge selection but made sense since it does say “everyday Korean.”  There was enough variety so that anyone could enjoy something there (vegetarians included).  I ordered a lunch special Bulgogi Hanki Set.  It came with a serving of bulgogi, ban chans (side dishes) and multigrain rice (photo above).  It was nicely displayed and everything tasted the way it should.  The food was a little on the sweet side for me but I can’t avoid that in any Korean restaurant except in my mom’s kitchen.  It was still yummy!

I really hope this restaurant stays around.  It’s nice to have a place that isn’t expensive and tastes good AND is relatively close by (no long trips to Manhattan or Queens – that’s for the hard core cravings…)

Now go and eat some Korean food!


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