The Choi-Sacks Duo

Even when we turn our backs on youphoto by Anna Prior

Yoon Sun Choi’s and Jacob Sacks’s seven year collaboration has allowed them to develop a unique manner of musical interaction which makes their performances an exciting, memorable experience. With their adventurous experimental improvisation rooted in the jazz tradition, this duo goes beyond the traditional “vocals with piano accompaniment”. They are equal voices, playing off each other contrapuntally in a way that defies the conventional expectations for a voice/piano ensemble.

The duo’s release “Imagination: The Music of Joe Raposo” ( 2008) is evidence of the wide range of musical styles and interpretations. The music is a blend of beauty, playfulness, humour and creative improvisation.

Yeah againPhoto by Anna Prior

Yoon and Jacob have performed all over Ontario, the U.S. and New York City, including notable venues like Carnegie Hall, Barbes, Birdland, The Stone, The Jazz Gallery, The 55 Bar and Cornelia Street Cafe. They have performed at the Guelph Jazz Festival In 2005-2006, Yoon and Jacob had a successful music series in New York City’s east village called “The Restless Spirits,” in which they performed and musically experimented with some of New York’s finest musicians like Judith Berkson, The E-String Band, Jacob Garchik, Mike McGinnis, Mat Maneri, Ben Monder, Thomas Morgan, Eivind Opsvik, Angelica Sanchez, and Matt Wilson.

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