Wow! I Can’t believe I Found This.

So, I was organizing my cd’s trying to set some order in my life (tough job!) and I found a recording that I did back in 1999. It’s one of the only high quality recordings that I have of me playing piano and singing. I almost never sing and play at the same time and it’s funny to hear myself do it let alone have it documented. I remember that it was just an after thought when I recorded this. I was just fooling around on the piano after a recording session and I asked if I could record myself because I liked the piano so much. At the time I had just started to study the voice seriously, and I wince when I listen to it and hear my flaws (come on admit it, we all hate how we sound recorded!).

Anyways, it’s simple and just laid down, nothing special. It’s one of my favourite pop tunes and I still sing it today. Hope you like it. Here it is. (6 MB mp3)

(To save server space, I’m just going to keep this up for a week or two.)