Sofia, The Amazing

As I reflect on this past week, the one thing that stands out is my piano lesson with my teacher, Sofia Rosoff. I have spoken about Sofia in other posts but I can’t mention her enough. She has been my saving grace when it comes to the piano and finding the love of playing it again. Even with all my issues with my wrists, arms and thumbs, Sofia always finds a way to help me, to show me that I am on the right path to better playing. Even when I have barely practiced and I think that I am wasting both of our time together, I always leave the lesson learning a lot and of course feeling unbelievably inspired. Sofia’s optimism and encouragement really keep me going when I think things are going badly and with all the students old and new constantly coming through her door she still finds the time to give me a phone call when she is thinking about what would help with my health. I am grateful to have such a wonderful teacher in my life and my only regret is not meeting her twenty years ago!

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