Me and Pilates

On Monday, I had my first private Pilates lesson. I never thought I would see myself spending the money on a private lesson and especially Pilates. I am a boot camp kind of girl. I like to sweat and work hard. After I got carpel tunnel and sprained my ankle last year, all the boot… Continue reading Me and Pilates

Sofia, The Amazing

As I reflect on this past week, the one thing that stands out is my piano lesson with my teacher, Sofia Rosoff. I have spoken about Sofia in other posts but I can’t mention her enough. She has been my saving grace when it comes to the piano and finding the love of playing it… Continue reading Sofia, The Amazing

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Appointment No. 2

Saw my family doctor (primary care doctor) and now it’s time for me to get into the best physical shape that I can be. Basically I have a weak back and my spine is having issues. I have very weak abdominal muscles due to pregnancy and a diastasis. On top of all the muscle issues,… Continue reading Appointment No. 2

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First Of Many Appointments

Yesterday I saw a sports medicine doctor about my issues with my arms. His diagnosis was that I had repetitive strain injury. That seem to make a lot of sense but not sure from what other than picking up my son and just using my body badly. Anyways, the doc suggested that I start eating… Continue reading First Of Many Appointments

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I Have What?

So I have been diagnosed with carpel tunnel, radial tunnel and tendonitis in both my arms, wrists and thumbs. This post will be brief since typing on a computer keyboard is not recommended for someone with my condition. Over the next little while, I will try to document my journey to heal myself and hopefully… Continue reading I Have What?

Finding My Way Back

Since last August, I have been studying with the incredible piano teacher, Sofia Rosoff. She is a remarkable woman. At 91 years old, she is sharp, wise, generous and awe inspiring. I haven’t been playing the piano seriously for more than 15 years, during which time I was working on my vocal skills. Now I… Continue reading Finding My Way Back

Show at Seeds in Brooklyn

I am playing a show at the intimate music series Seeds in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn on Wednesday, April 25th at 8:30pm. I will be performing with a young Swiss bassist, Fabien Iannone and great ukulele/guitarist, Khabu Doug Young. Should be awesome. Hope to see some folks there. The Seeds series is located at 617 Vanderbilt… Continue reading Show at Seeds in Brooklyn